Petrol prices have slumped to their lowest levels in years, which got me thinking; “What was happening the last time petrol was this cheap?”

Steve, New Car Manager

I remember it being 99c in about 2000 just after the Sydney Olympics. They were pulling the all the massive statues from the top Centre Point Tower it was quite amazing.




Craig, Assistant New Car Manager

It was round the year 2001-ish, I w

as driving a 1995 Mazda MX5 and loving single life. I’m now married, with a baby. How things have changed, for the good of coarse.




Janine, Administration

Tough question…. I had a work car so i never really paid too much attention,  it was a 1999 Ford Laser and I think it was around 2002 when it was last under a dollar.





David, Fleet Sales

I’m a bit of an Moto GP fan, as are most Spanish people but coincidentally I remember Danny Pedrosa being the Champion last time fuel was this cheap, it was 2003 and I think it was his first championship too.





Harry, Marketing

Funny enough, mine was actually in 2008 just after the GFC. I was driving home from Melbourne after a weekend at the cricket. It was David Warner’s debut for Australia at the MCG. I spent heaps that weekend, so filling my car up for $40 was awesome.




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