The updated Ford Ranger has been spotted in Thailand, uncovered ahead of the late 2015 launch. Shown below is the new Ranger, sporting the a new front grille, headlights and wheels, although many of the Wildtrak characteristics have been brought acorss from the PX Ranger.

Ford havent released any new information besides the video grab in late 2014 of the new Ranger, but it is speculated that the media system will gain the highly coverted SYNC2, found in the Falcon and Territory, plus there are rumors that Ford may even challenge the Holden Colorado and their 500Nms of torque. This should all be taken with a grain of salt at the current point in time, as no solid evidence has been released by Ford, but by simply having this discussion it proves that we are all excited by what could be included in the new Ranger. Lets face it, i’m expecting strong competition from the next Hilux, Navara and Triton, they will need to catch up with the Ranger, but now it looks like Ford are moving the goal posts a little further back!

Game On!


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