Life is meant to be easy

Smart technology makes our lives easier. The Ford Kuga is no exception. These features make it easier to load your car, park your car and use the technology you can’t do without, like your mobile phone.




Hands-free Tailgate

Only a Ford Kuga gives you a tailgate that opens (and closes) with a wave of your foot under the rear bumper.
Because chances are, if you’re putting things in the back you’ve probably got your hands full. It even adjusts to the height of your garage.


SYNC™ is listening and ready to do what you tell it to. Call family and friends just by saying their name. Answer incoming calls.

Plug-in your music player or USB drive and play your music the way you always do.
Ask to hear a specific artist, album or track. Turn-on shuffle.
All while your hands stay safely on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Active Park Assist1

First it helps you find a parking spot that’s just the right fit. Then it virtually parallel parks itself.
Put the car into reverse, take your hands off the wheel and watch it perfectly steer into a reverse park.
All you have to do is work the accelerator and brake.
1. Available on Titanium model only.


Keyless entry* and Keyless Start (Push-button start/stop)

You don’t need to actually have your key in your hand to unlock your Ford Kuga*, or start it for that matter.
As long as you have your key fob with you, it will unlock*.
Once you’re in the driver’s seat, simply put your foot on the brake pedal and press the start button.

* Titanium models only.

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