The newest entry into the Ford SUV segment, offers a nice buffer between wanting something bigger, but still able to squeeze through your way through Sydney.

After driving the EcoSport for 1 month, I discovered some things that really suited my inner city lifestyle. First and foremost I live in inner Sydney, the parking is atrocious at best and the streets are tight and difficult to freely navigate. These conditions call for a car that is capable of performing my daily duties, such as getting to work and finding a park, quickly and easily. With the inclusion of reversing sensors in the Trend model which i was driving, that small park became a lot more manageable and easier to spot, which made getting to work on time way more achievable. 1 point to the EcoSport.

One of the other elements I liked about the EcoSport was the driving position, nice and high. It really felt like i was in something much bigger, allowing for better viewing and a more pleasant experience. Another point to the EcoSport.

Now that I have established that EcoSport would be a sensible purchase for anyone living in a metropolitan city such as Sydney, there are some additional features which are a good little inclusion. Firstly, the chiller in the glovebox is pretty cool (pun intended), the SYNC voice control system is actually really good, I think it misunderstood me once, but otherwise a very handy tool and 6 speaker sound system delivers quite a whollup if you want it too. 3 points for the EcoSport.

As the points I have been awarding the EcoSport are completely ceremonial, let me summarise with this; The Ford EcoSport is a little car that isn’t quite a little car, but is smaller than some of the smaller cars. Are you confused? Thats the point, There is no true definition for the EcoSport, its best to see one for yourself. But take my word for it, they are really fun SUV and might just be your perfect answer if your stuck trying to find that perfect car for your lifestyle.

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