Nothing calls for a review of a Transit van more than needing to actually requiring a van to pick up a large canvas from the other side of Sydney. Great! Ill grab the camera and head off on a real life experiment to test just how well a Transit Cargo will fair in the busy Sydney traffic.

Lets face it, driving a brand new vehicle out of the dealership yard is a daunting task in even the smaller cars, but a Transit Cargo! I was extremely careful. As i crept out onto the road, past the thousands of dollars worth of unsold cars, i noticed the Transit side mirrors were dissected into two parts, an upper and lower section to allow the driver comprehensive vision behind the Transit. With eyes in the back of my head, I left the driveway confident that all the new Fords were still intact. QUICK! QUICK! QUICK!!! A truck is flying up behind me as I ventured out onto the Princes Highway. Foot to the floor, changing quickly through the six gears under the instruction of the shift gauge and I was pleasantly surprised, “this Transit can drive!”

As I entered the M5 tunnel, traffic was heavy, and merging into the right lane wasn’t the easiest exercise. Without much vision over my left and right shoulders, I was very reliant on the side mirrors to safely merge into the traffic. I personally would see the benefit in increasing the viability over my shoulder, but where the vision lacks, the side mirrors more than make up for it. Otherwise I never felt too uncomfortable. An individual who drives a van each day would automatically use their mirrors in contrast to a head check.

After taking the exit, I encountered the cause of the congested Sydney roads, the red traffic light. As I came to a steady stop, I put the Transit in neutral and rested my foot on the brake….the engine died! Wondering what the hell just happened, and knowing what should be the sound of an engine is now providing a sense of tranquility, I put my foot on the clutch to prepare to restart the Transit and the engine fires up? Then it clicked, ‘Auto Stop Start.’ What is mainly offered in expensive prestige vehicles as an intelligent method to save petrol, is now available to the logistics expert to reduce their weekly fuel spend in the Transit Cargo.

As I finally arrived at my destination and loaded up the giant canvas print, the journey home became less of a chore, and more of an cruise. A sentence which has never been used when describing a commercial van. So the question persists, would I recommend a Transit Cargo? Yes! Why? because it is easy the most capable van for Sydney. The manual shifting is snappy and responsive, which almost makes me forget I prefer an automatic which will be available in the near future. Finally, what really makes the Transit stand out is that the comforts of a car are not sacrificed for the benefit of carrying a load.

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