As Australia gears up for the latest MD Ford Mondeo to be released in May, the American Fusion (Mondeo) having already been available for years, has been spotted in development undergoing a facelift in Detroit.

Shown above is the sedan variant of the Fusion which Australia isn’t likely to be receiving at any stage in the near future. Nonetheless, the front end is the interesting element of this image, and given the entire middle section is untouched, updates will likely be limited to a new front bumper, a revised grille and reworked headlights. This mid life refresh bares a striking resemblance to the MA Mondeo, in which the MB Mondeo was released only a short time after the MA due to a delayed launch into Australia. Once the MD Mondeo rolls into City Ford Rockdale expect to see this revised front end making its way into 2017 models.

By Harry Hillis

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