Are you tired of driving your car in stop-start traffic? Hate the pressure of reverse parking when you have three cars lined up behind you? Maybe your teenager has a tendency to press a little hard on the accelerator and needs a bit of assistance monitoring their road speed. Ford can help!

Because Ford now has an automated car…..several actually! Ok, so our cars may not completely be automated but when you take a look at all of the nifty safety and anti-driver fatigue technology on the latest Fords including our Fiesta, Focus, Modeo, Everest and Kuga, there is plenty to make your drive both easier and safer!

After nearly a century of making cars,( Thank you Mr Henry Ford), Ford motorcars are so smart, it is amazing to think these are cars everyone can afford!

Whilst elsewhere, trials are being undertaken for self driving cars, Ford customers are already ‘on the road’ with driver assisting features ready to go.  On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!  Ford is off and racing.

Our Engineers are constantly devising smart solutions that re-define what a car can do. Some of our nifty safety features include:
[Safety Features: Active City Stop]

There are so many things can distract us on the road and, in that split second, anything can happen. Especially in stop-start city traffic. Active City Stop* can detect if the car in front has stopped and automatically apply the brakes in the time it takes you to blink.
[Safety Features: Rear Parking Sensors and Camera]

Parallel parking or reversing anywhere is easier if someone is outside guiding you in but how often do we have a driving assistant handy? Luckily, your new Ford can park for you or assist you with Rear Parking Sensors and, in most models, a Rear View Camera, awesome!

With automated reverse parking, you don’t have to feel intimidated when others are waiting for you to get it right first time.  With Ford, you can relax and park with ease and safety.

Even when you are parking yourself, special sensors in the rear bumper scan to recognise certain objects.  As soon as you put the car into reverse, the sensors go to work, emitting an audible ‘beep’ if there’s an object within 1.8 metres behind you. The closer your vehicle gets to the object, the louder and faster the beeps become. A continuous beep means stop….NOW. That was close!
[Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control]

We bet you can’t scan up to 64 vehicles at one time and update their position 20 times a second?  Our new Fords can!

Cruise Control is great when you leave the city limits. But what about when you’re driving on busy highways and freeways? Adaptive Cruise Control* lets you cruise in traffic by ‘reading’ the traffic ahead and managing your speed and distance as it changes.

Are you sick of turning of having to turn cruise on and off to adapt to changing traffic? Done and dusted. Adaptive Cruise Control solves this problem.  It allows you to set the distance you want to maintain between you and the vehicle in front, in addition to setting your cruising speed. You have up to four different length gaps to choose from.  Its radar automatically scans the vehicles ahead of you when you activate Adaptive Cruise Control, using a button on your steering wheel.

The system automatically reduces your speed when it detects a slower vehicle so the gap you’ve chosen between you and the vehicle in front is maintained.  As soon as the slow vehicle speeds up or you change lanes, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically returns to your chosen cruising speed.  It’s super easy to switch off Adaptive Cruise Control – just put your foot on the brake.
[Safety Features: Electronic Stability Control (ESC)]

Your safety drives a lot of our thinking at Ford. As roads get busier, the need to make sudden manoeuvres to avoid an accident are increasing. ESC is designed to help prevent skidding or sliding sideways when taking evasive action or in poor driving conditions.

ESC monitors your vehicle’s behaviour, taking into account the steering angle, acceleration and yaw sensors, and automatically applies braking to individual wheels if it detects under or oversteering.

ESC is composed of some or all of the following safety features, depending on the model.
Traction Control

This adjusts engine power (torque) to the drive wheels to help maximise the traction or grip they have on slippery or loose driving surfaces at any speed. Brake pressure is also applied in certain conditions.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Prevents your wheels from locking when you have to brake suddenly.

ABS electronically ‘pumps’ the brakes several times per second when sensors detect the wheels locking to modulate brake pressure.
Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)

Automatically balances the amount of brake force between the front and rear wheels before ABS becomes active, if your rear wheels lock. It also optimises brake performance by adapting brake force under different loads, whether it’s extra passengers, lots of cargo or both.
You would be amazed at how much automation is already in your new Ford.

Come on down to your local Ford Dealer and get ‘online on the road’.  Test drive today …or maybe even sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…for a while!

Trust your family’s on-road safety with Ford.

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