The 2015 MD Ford Mondeo is almost upon us at City Ford Rockdale in Sydney after a two year delay we couldn’t be more excited.

It is in my opinion that the new MD Mondeo is one of the most important cars to arrive at City Ford Rockdale, as it is the vehicle to effectively replace the Falcon post 2016. As the Falcon’s glory days of 6000 orders per month are long behind us, there is still a large demographic of ‘true blue’ Falcon buyers out there who live an breath the big aussie six. After the factories close in June 2016, there will be 600+ Falcon buyers in the market searching for a car large enough to fulfil their needs. The MD Mondeo will be the obvious first choice for replacement, and must showcase the best of what Ford can produce.

The work that has subsequently gone into the 2015 MD Ford Mondeo is nothing short of outstanding. After following the development of the Mondeo as far back as 2010, Ford has always aimed to deliver one of the most outstanding vehicles to be ever produced by the manufacturer. Which ultimately would be a testament to the achievements of what the ‘One Ford’ program can deliver to the world. With only weeks now until they launch onto the City Ford Rockdale showroom, this is looking to certainly be the case.

Watch How Much Work Has Gone into the New Mondeo and Why it is an Amazing Car!



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