The date has been set and the countdown is on. The 3rd of February has been marked in the calendar of Ford Motor Company as the unveiling of the highly anticipated 2015 RS Focus, and City Ford Rockdale in Sydney will be right there with the latest news.

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As bloggers, RS enthusiasts and hot hatch fans alike, await the big reveal, the debate and speculation rages on to determine exactly what engine will lie under the bonnet and how many wheels will be powered? The money sits on the 2.3 Ecoboost 4 cylinder made famous by an inclusion into the 2015 Ford Mustang and four powered wheels in contrast to the previous model’s clever two wheeled torque vector controlled setup.

With the 2015 RS being filmed on the testing grounds in Belgium, the 50 second preview (shown below) displays the RS handling the wet corners with the rear of the RS staying very much inline with the direction of the RS front wheels. Experts are nearly certain that this indicates an All Wheel Drive system, although the previous model did prove that a front wheel drive can handle exceptionally well with state of the art torque vectoring control. With the engine, the Mustang’s 2.3 EcoBoost is believed to be now almost a certainty, delivering a massive 240kWs and 400Nms.

It’s unlikely that Ford will abandon a manual gearbox option for the RS. The previous limited-edition car was

available only as a manual , but with the new RS destined for the American market, an automatic transmission option is almost a given. This will also be a big win for the Sydney drivers who plan to pick one of these up.

Externally, the RS appears to be based on the four-door bodyshell, eschewing the two-door configuration of its predecessor. Wider front arches and an aggressive rear wing and side skirts will complement a heavily revised bumper, while 19-inch rims will cover four-piston brakes up front.